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miercuri, 30 noiembrie 2011

Necklace and earings to celebrate the Roumanian National day

Earings with the colours of Roumanian flag

Red,yellow and blue are the colours of the National flag.This is a necklace for my daughter whose celebrating ,at school, the Roumania's National Day .

The 1st of December is Roumania's National Day:"Happy National Day,Roumania!" such a beautiful country.

Lian de jade-a stongly rare and beautiful flower

marți, 29 noiembrie 2011

Travelling through the world in a quilling way

GOOGLE symbol- quilling

Strongylodon Macrobotrys(Liana de jad) -Arhipelagul Filipinez

Glittering Snowman globe -Christmas quilling card

Christmas handmade quilling cards

Snowman globe -quilling card

luni, 28 noiembrie 2011

So,here it is "MERRY CHRISTMAS !" everyone and may all your wishes come true! with love.aureliaeugenia

Christmas globe and my new card

I put my wishes under this hat....

Christmas hat for a Christmas card

I have new toys....

Podoabe de craciun (Christmas is in the air)

O, ce lucruri minunate !!!

joi, 24 noiembrie 2011

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day !

One,two,how are you ?

A smaller yellow and mauve kusudama flower

My first Kusudama flower..

It's Autumn and there are so many flowers and beautiful coloured leaves all over the place...

Hello everyone! I'm MARINEL and I thank you for visiting my "mum" blog .

vineri, 18 noiembrie 2011

Brazil symbols (a sombrero,a guitar and wear,don't know the name)

Quilling White Dicentra flower -a surprising earring

White Dicentra flower -I like this new earring (I'm Maggie Mae)

Hello,I'm Natasha and I come from Russia

Quilling Cornus Florida flower

North America has lots of quilling symbols

Quilling rainbow for a little blue owl

Quilling rainbow for the Nederland

Quilling for Dicentra flowers (grow in Asia and North American continent)

Quilling- castagnette and red carnation -Spain symbols