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vineri, 23 martie 2012

Me and my quilling brother wish you:" HAVE A GREAT DAY !"

Quilling brother

This is me,This is real !

Happy 24 years !(I'm a little late,sorry!)

Blue roses for cebrating a boy's birthday!(Love in Envelope)

"For his birthday he's wearing Versace ! "

Have an egg-day for EASTER !

Eggs for everybody,choose one you like!

Rabbit Egg- paint factory

luni, 19 martie 2012

Precious Mother's Day !

All the roses of the world are not enough to express my love for you,dear mama !

Celebrate Mother's Day - You will always be in my heart !

Happy St.Patrick's Day !- (I'm maybe late,but I'm reliable)

LUCK from St.Patrick's hat