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joi, 16 februarie 2012

Just another Dragonfly

10 comentarii:

Baukje spunea...

great that is again very well done!
Greetings Baukje

Molly Smith spunea...

Such lovely colors! I love your pretty dragonfly!
hugs from Texas xo ~Molly

chillin with Quillin spunea...

very pretty, love all the colors!!!

Philippa spunea...

Such a pretty one!

Veronica Lee spunea...

It certainly is a very pretty dragonfly!! Love the colours!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dr Sonia S V spunea...

The wings look beautiful

Eileen Ng spunea...

Thank you for your most kind words! Very good job on all of the work you put into details and the way you made all the colors pop!

I have 2 cats and one of them looks exactly like your virtual cat Maukie!

I wanted to let you know that I will no longer continue to work on the blog that you commented on. Instead, I will be making updates at Please add me there! I have added you to my list. :)

Fantasie di fata ♥ country e shabby chic ♥ spunea...

hi, thank you for your comment :)
your dragon fly is fantastic!!
kiss Elly

Ann spunea...

what a pretty dragonfly

Nati spunea...

very cute!!
Nati from Brazil