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miercuri, 21 martie 2012

Do you want to have dinner with me ?

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Pritesh Ananth Krishnan spunea...

Hahaha, sure! :)

Sylvia spunea...

Invited or not, I am coming.......because the card is cute! LOL!

Mihaela spunea...

Cata imaginatie, Aurelia!!! Si ce vom manca: cocosul, vulpea sau floarea??? :))

Dr Sonia S V spunea...

Ha Ha your caption is amusing!!

Nágela spunea...

Yes for sure!
This is an irresistible invitation. The card is very beautiful!
Will it take me a little because of Brazil.

chillin with Quillin spunea...

Sure, love the invitation !!!

quilled paper paradise spunea...

Here I am! :))) This is a great 4 step story ! I was not with you because it is the protection of the computer occurred "page with a high risk" for your blog. : (((
I hope it's okay now. The protection does not warn me. What you could not translate (korisnicko ime)means username . But a comment on another blog will surely be read. So you write where it is easier! Big hug!

Eileen Ng spunea...

Pretty twirls!

And don't envy me! You create so many beautiful floral arrangements to surround yourself with! <333

We are renting a house right now. Maybe one day we can afford to buy one! Then I will feel like it is my own home and my own garden.