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joi, 3 mai 2012

Easel card ,made with love and care

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Dr Sonia S V spunea...

Such a lovely lacy effect!

chillin with Quillin spunea...


ALESSANDRA spunea...

congratulations, this card is a masterpiece!

Veronica Lee spunea...

Very cute and lovely, A!!

BTW - Thanks for the birthday greetings. When is your birthday?

Eileen Ng spunea...

I am happy to see you making cards that are still high in spirit! :)

I understand how terrible of a situation it can be. My grandma has severe dementia (her condition is very scary for people because her mind is not there anymore) and at the beginning of April my mom had to make the decision to quit her job and move from us to take care of her (grandma is 84) because she can't travel and a nursing home or home attendant isn't an option because she doesn't speak English. She lives in the state of Maine and that is an 8 hour drive for us one way, so we cannot keep traveling to her. She lives with my uncles and aunts there, but they are all too busy with their own lives and keep throwing her back and forth from each others' homes. My mom was always very caring, so she is there now. I know Dana is still too young, so you cannot have that option. It is very sad and upsetting, I agree. :(