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joi, 17 mai 2012

Late card for Mother's Day-though it's never too late !

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Philippa spunea...

So sweet - I love the hearts in the background! And thanks for the lovely kind comment you left on my blog!

Mihaela spunea...

Imi plac florile cum ti-au iesit!

Veronica Lee spunea...

Thanks for brightening our day daily with your lovely cards!

Eileen Ng spunea...

You made a very unique bow on top and it looks like the little girl is trying to jump above everything to catch it!

It's another beautiful day here. Dmitriy works a lot, about 12 hrs a day in the office, so he rarely has time to participate in my crafting adventures! Right now it is the Stanley Cup Playoffs in hockey and he is a big fan, so he is glued to the TV at night.

I have the windows and doors open, so the cats are very busy looking for birds during the day. They don't let me take too many pictures of them with my creations because they think I'm playing with them instead!

SUGANTHI spunea...

Such a pretty card ,I like pretty girl image. Perfect flowers.

chillin with Quillin spunea...

really cute card, love it !!!!