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luni, 18 iunie 2012


  Young love , the first time you live,
   Has different flowers but ...
               the same leaves !!                                         

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Corrinne of Pin & Tack spunea...

Aaww . . . to be young and be in love!


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chillin with Quillin spunea...

sweet picture, and lovely quilling!!

Nágela spunea...

This series of his work is fantastic!
As it was beautiful ... loved it!
A good week!

Veronica Lee spunea...

Beautiful as always, A! Can't wait to see the next one!

Happy Wednesday!

Eileen Ng spunea...

Ah thank you! It is almost straight out of a love story! He will be going away for work for 6 months, so I won't be seeing him very often. It will be quite lonely for me. It will be just me and the cats.