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vineri, 10 august 2012

Love flower for Malaysia -beautiful paradise (Veronica Lee,may I bring this puppy to visit you ?)

Card made with  lots of love! This flower grow up in my mind like a true hope  friendship is real  and true 

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Mihaela spunea...

Superba floarea, ca de obicei!!! Insa as vrea sa vad de la tine si o felicitare eleganta, fara fetite si baieti, doar cu flori, la care te pricepi de minune!Ce zici?

Veronica Lee spunea...

Aww!! Thank you! The puppy is sooo cute!!!

I sent a friendship request on FB. Hope to see you there!!

Happy Weekending, A and hugs to Dana!

aureliaeugenia spunea...

Thank you very much , Veronica !!
I'm happy you liked !!

SUGANTHI spunea...

beautiful husked flower!!

Nágela spunea...

Absolutely adorable!
Beautiful quilling!

Eileen Ng spunea...

Gorgeous! You must share with me how you have so much energy for crafting after a busy day! Do you like dogs? I like dogs, but we decided it was a lot of work to walk the dog and give it the proper attention that it needs.

How come air conditioning isn't healthy? We are not told about this.

Does your country have good health care? The U.S. doesn't. We're always struggling with problems and costs are high. Only the poor and disabled get government assistance. The rest of the country needs to pay for private health insurance or out of pocket directly to doctors. Very lucky for Dana to get check ups often. We are not as fortunate. I have very bad vision, but only go once every 2 years. We have people who get hit by cars and will refuse to go to the hospital because of the costs. Can you imagine?

A lot of things in America are upsetting, so don't worry about upsetting me. We have just as many problems, if not more!

SUSAN spunea...

very pretty Aurelia... love this


carmendana spunea...

Iar ai facut minunatii? Felicitari, e superba!

Dr Sonia S V spunea...

Oh the shape of that flower is so gorgeous !