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marți, 7 august 2012

"Take this,it's yours!"-love means so many beautiful things

 This is the hottest day of this summer(40 * C)

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Ruth spunea...

Really cute! Ruth :)

Eileen Ng spunea...

Such a smart idea to make this--everything looks just like real life, but better!

I only didn't have my picture for about 20 mins. It's interesting that you came on during that time. I was uploading baby shower party pictures for my cousin and I started deleting pictures from Picasa (Blogger uses this picture service) and it deleted my profile picture too!

40 degrees Celsius is very hot. It is the equivalent of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We had 104 degrees 2 weeks ago. It's a very dangerous temperature. New York City is very big on air conditioning, so if you stay inside it isn't as unbearable. With all of the computers and technology that the city runs on, it would be devastating if they all overheated. It is not the same where you live?

We have been going bowling for a few hours a week now. Do you have this sport?

I have to go to work now. I will talk to you another time. Stay cool! :)

Nágela spunea...

Very beautiful and creative!
I loved it!

Sylvia spunea...

This baby is so adorable!

Veronica Lee spunea...

How cute!!!

Happy Wednesday, A!

Askartelin itte spunea...

Aivan ihana kortti:)